Tuesday 22nd June 2010

The excitement at work today was at lunch time when it was noticed that there was a car parked into the back of another one. We were trying to work out why, if you crashed into a car, would you leave it there in place. Then the owner of the “innocent” car came out with a colleague and they pushed the other car back to the parking space it had rolled from! Oops! Some silly person had left the hand brake off. The stray car didn't want to stay back in it's place. The owner came out to apply the brake. We couldn't work out from our nosy office whether much damage was done.

This evening for dinner, I cooked toad in the hole. I didn't have any packets of batter mix left. What is the point of “packet batter mix” and just what is in it? All the real batter recipe requires is flour, egg and milk/water. If I remember rightly all you need for the other is the packet, an egg and water. The one I usually buy is only about 9p so I'm not sure what is cheapest either. I might still buy some more, just for convenience and in case I run out of plain flour!

I managed to clear my clothes out of Dave's wardrobe today... finally. He should be able to shut his wardrobe doors. I've now got more hanging on the outside of my wardrobe than ever before. I've also made use of a bit of space in another wardrobe that should soon have less and less in it. If I buy clothes at the moment, I'll buy a size 10 skirt so how come I can't get into size 10 skirts that I bought years ago. I think as the people of the world are getting bigger, the clothes manufacturers move the sizes up.

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