20th June 2009

This could be my first entry on Blogspot, when I’ve set it up. I decided while I was out that I should blog more. If only to remember where we’ve been and what we did. It’s amazing what you think to put in a blog while you’re not near a computer! Cycling along and enjoying the scenery. We’ve just got back from a cycle ride out to The Tickled Trout in Wye. We left soon after 11, and it took 45 minutes for some, 50 minutes for us “stragglers”. It was mostly cycle path and some of the Route 18 which is advertised as Tunbridge Wells to Ashford route, but seems to direct on through Wye and on to Canterbury. It is very difficult to find information about the cycle network available on line but Martin got us some leaflets last week on the cycle paths around Ashford. My new top and jacket that I bought on Ebay for cycling were very good today. The jacket was £7 and the top was £4 and postage was combined at £2.50, so a brilliant deal. I did feel I needed the jacket and didn’t feel too warm, the boys were telling me that I didn’t need it. I got earache on the way there even though I had my band on under my hat to try and keep the wind out. It was quite overcast and we felt a few drops of rain on the way home. I might see about getting some cycling shorts sometime. Maybe something with a bit of padding in addition to my gel seat. Have to do a search later. I will need to get my brakes looked at soon. I am wearing them out quicker than anyone else. I don’t feel safe just rolling down the hill. I keep getting told “no brakes, no brakes” as we find the hills. Dan just took my bike for a quick tour round the garden. It gets his approval. My bike’s not been treated like a BMX before! He was going little hops on it to turn round. Now that’s just showing off! J
Going back to the food at the Tickled Trout. I had the jacket potato and chilli beef. Not sure why as I think this was the place where we had jacket potatoes before and they were cold. I can’t say that I’d rate the food very highly here but it’s local to get to and the beer isn’t bad. If you get to sit in the garden too it is very scenic with the River Stour flowing through.
We’re off to The Star in Ashford soon mainly to see Brian play with his new band. The Star are having a Charity Day for Great Ormond Street Hospital involving a mammoth music session from midday through until 1 in the morning. About 14 bands are billed to be playing. So I guess I’d better off here and get ready to go.

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