Friday 30th July 2010

While cooking dinner this evening, Kat dyed my hair. It took a lot longer than intended and we were very late leaving for astronomy club. I had wanted it done for ages and especially before my birthday party so it had to be done! Looks good though.

We arrived at the hall in Woodchurch during the opening news, so we were still in time to listen to Dave and Tim telling everyone how easy it is to use the solar scope. So easy, even I can use it, but they weren't brave enough to say that in their presentation! It was soon time for the quiz. It was in the style of University Challenge with 2 teams of 4 up the front and we were the audience. The first few rounds were so specialised that even our resident experts on the panel were struggling and I'm sure none of the audience had a scooby either. I'd never heard of Messiers before, let alone know what constellations, etc they related to. Batting for Ashford there was Steve W, Dave, Steve J and the star of the team, Jonathan. He was amazing the way that he was working out some of the very technical questions and got the team into the lead at this stage. Then on the final rounds, astro-trivia, sci-fi and the astro-music, Steve, Steve and Dave took over from him. On this final round, they started out by playing a track from ELO. Dave and Steve's faces were a picture of happiness at the sound of this. (Today's pic, copied from Galex website, is Messier 83 (also known as the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, M83 or NGC 5236).

Thursday 29th July 2010 – Partylite Home Show

At lunch time, I went to Iceland to get some food for Saturday's BBQ. I had been checking on line and had an idea of what I wanted to get. They were recommending a deal on feeding 10 people for £20. I asked one of the guys filling a freezer if I would be able to do home delivery from the front of the store. Having queued for ages, I then found out that this had to be done at the till at the back of the store. I was sure that I have arranged for home delivery from the front tills before, and in the helpful member of staff's defence, he later said that it depends who's on the tills! This was delivered about 7pm.

This evening was one of my best home shows that I've had for a while. Emma and Nikki came along first, soon followed by Sammy and Heather. We were soon joined by Julie, and then Dellanie joined us too. Emma had been to a Partylite show before and loves it, but she hadn't had a “wax lesson” and didn't know about “hugging” pillar candles. I had only met Dellanie once before at a Pamper evening and she does Pampered Chef. We are planning to do a party swap later in the year.