Sunday 22nd August - Defrosting the freezer

The day started slowly with us not getting up until 10.30. Dave soon went off fishing so I had the day to do some housework. When I went to the freezer to get some bread for breakfast, I found that the bottle of Shloer that I'd put in the freezer on Friday evening had pushed the lid off and there was pink ice on the shelf. I've been intending to defrost the freezer for ages. It was so bad that chicken that I'd put in the top shelf was sort of wedged in the ice. All the food went into the cool box and a big polystyrene box. Armed with two towels in front of it, I left it to melt. Coming back to it later, the carpet was soaked too so I had to wring out the towels again and again throughout the day. I was impressed that all of the food, apart from some chinese rolls, stayed frozen.

Another job that needed to be done was to sort out the shoe crates. We had made a mess searching for the boot sock things for Kat's wellies so it seemed like a good time to do it. I got permission from Dan to throw out all his old trainers. I filled 2 black sacks with old shoes. I didn't find the sock things or my kiting harness which should have been there. Hopefully my harness is with the other kiting stuff.

While doing both jobs, I also cooked a chicken roast dinner for when the soggy fishers came home.

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