Sunday 11th July - Brighton Kite Festival Day 2

We were all awake and up early. It was too hot to stay in the tent. We stayed there as long as we could but soon had to get up. Even though we were up early, it took a few coffees before we were ready to tackle breakfast. Soon after breakfast, I realised that it was too late to move a car off the field to get some shopping, and as Julie and Mike were off home later in the day, they weren't going shopping either. I wandered down to our fellow campers/caravan friends to see if anyone else was going to Asda later. Sue very kindly offered to take me later in the day, once she'd had a sleep as she'd done an early airport run. We decided that we would go later in the day, possibly after the kite workshop. It rained during the morning and then cleared up again. We continued the lazy morning, apart from Kat who had found lots of energy to practise Capoeira. Emily was learning too which was really sweet.

Spirit fly was about 5 o'clock again. I made sure that I was there ready and waiting. Batty left soon afterwards so that he could get to see Prue before end of visiting time. More and more friends left and it was soon time to cook dinner. Dinner preparation was a joint effort. Dave went to clear the washing up whilst everyone else helped prepare food. Tonight we had chinese chicken with pineapple, served with boiled new potatoes. It was a real team effort, and was enjoyed by everyone.

Soon after dinner, half of our party departed and there was just myself, Dave and Tony left. Once we had packed as much as we could, we grabbed our seats and some drinks and wandered down the bottom of the field as we had been invited to join the others that were staying overnight. It was a fun evening chatting until late.

Saturday 10th July 2010 - Kite Festival Day 1

The boys went out shopping after breakfast while we continued our lazy morning. Lisa and I had been wandering around the stalls when we had the call that they were on the way back so we met up with them at the bottom of the field to help back with the shopping. No cars are to move on site while the festival is on, between 10 and 5. It was lovely not to have to go shopping for a change. With the lack of refrigeration it is better to buy the food as we need it. The breakfast stuff survives the weekend as it starts out frozen and stays in the cool box. We've learnt now that frozen vegetables do not keep well.

Several of our number soon disappeared to help with the Children's kite workshop. Paul and I had a wander for a little while playing with the binoculars. We got an ice cream and watched the kites for a bit and then we went to see the owls. They were all hand reared from very young and quite happy being admired by all. Kat and I held one. He was very sweet. Their feathers are almost silky. We had a look at a fire engine and Paul had a sit in the cab. We waited for Dave to finish at the workshop and went to find the reel that we had reserved for my spirit kite. It was worth checking out the prices on the reels as they varied greatly from stall to stall. Dave bought a new kite, covering all the colours that he didn't already have in his new colourful shirt and shorts. Sometime later, he had to rescue it from the tree. We got photographic evidence to squeal to Collin with later.

I had a call to say that the spirit fly in the arena was to be at 5pm. I started to wander down there with Kat about quarter to and could see others already in the arena, so I had to run. It was a bit of a rush setting up and my lines were a bit tied up. With help I soon got it into the air.

Lisa cooked dinner this evening. We had bolognaise wraps. Rice was also cooked to add to the wraps. It went down well, if a bit messy. After dinner, we wandered down to join the BBQ people as Simon had asked us to. Corinne got the award this year for all her hard work. It was soon time to get back to our camp and the girls went mad collecting lots of wood for the fire pit. Paul and Alfie helped break up the twigs which was funny as they were thinking they were really strong. We soon all settled down with more of Batty's cocktails and a variety of Purple Rain. There was 22 of us around the camp fire at one stage during the evening. More wood got added to the fire slowly, until the pyromaniac arrived and fed it everything we had. As if that wasn't annoying enough, some young muscle man (Andrew) was persuaded to dump the biggest half a tree stump he could manage into the middle. How it didn't break I'll never know. It certainly groaned under the extra weight. As our numbers dwindled, there was soon just Mick snoring. We didn't leave him there. Kat got given the job of waking him up and sending him off towards his tent.

Friday 9th July - Off to Brighton

Having got the food shopping at Farm Foods and Asda last night, I could concentrate on packing and getting ready. By the time I'd sorted out some paper work that needed doing and had my shower it was gone 10.30. It took ages to get the stuff packed into my car. I went round for Tony about 11.30. Seeing as I had said that I'd be round for him at 11, I was surprised that he still had to visit the shop! Never mind, we were soon ready to go. The journey was uneventful and we arrived at the time that the sat nav said that we would, about 1.30. The end of the journey was a bit scary where the usual route across the road to Stanmer Park was closed and we had to go up the hill and turn round but I soon worked it out.

When we arrived we sorted out the kitchen stuff and Tony had his tent to put up. Kevin and Linda set up quite close to us. They have had their new pup since yesterday and you would think she had been with them for ages. She looks so happy and settled. They've decided to call her Amber. Mike and Julie arrived too with Fiona, Paul and Alfie, Gaynor and Mick with Matthew and Caitlin. Terry and Irene joined us about 5 ish.

It was soon time to start cooking dinner. We had lemon and broccoli chicken. I chose this tonight as it was a recipe that I wanted to do and as Lisa wasn't with us and didn't like broccoli. I didn't know that Terry had a strong aversion to broccoli too. My assistant chef and I sorted him a separate lemon chicken portion. Served with rice, it was welcomed by all. We had a wander around the field after dinner to say hi to our fellow campers. Irene and I made quite serious headway into a box of wine. At one stage in the evening, she was feeling a little worse for wear and a little bit chilly. I suggested a run up the hill to wear off some alcohol and warm up a bit. She couldn't believe she went along with it and had the giggles! Sorry Irene, it worked for me!

Wednesday 7th July 2010

On checking my emails quite late in the afternoon, I found one that was from Laura asking if I could cover a Partylite show for her that evening. I let her know straight away that I would do it but did start to regret it soon after. It was on the Isle of Grain, about an hour's drive, I still had quite a bit of work to do, I wasn't sure that my kit was 100% ready to pick up, my car was low on petrol, I needed to eat and we were supposed to be going shopping for camp.

After work, I got to Tesco Petrol Station about 10 to 6, and also picked up a pasta salad bowl. Rushing home, I put Dave some dinner in the oven and told him when it would be ready. I managed to eat while getting ready, and got out again about 6.30.

I'm glad I went now. It was a really good night. The girls were all really lovely, and I'd even met a couple of them before at a show I went to with a friend for training last year. I'd not been up to the Isle of Grain before. I wonder if there's much up there to investigate? Apparently there is a Haven caravan site there.

Tuesday 6th July 2010 - Biscuits

Today I looked up the calories for my malted milk biscuit to see if it had less calories than my low fat biscuits. It has 44 compared to 58 per slice of my special ones. The website I found suggested some healthier alternatives that I might like to try instead to save calories. No one in the office was keen to try these. Who on earth would replace their lovely biscuit with their morning cuppa with a cabbage, lettuce, aubergine or spinach?

Monday 5th July 2010

Today at work, we were talking about not being able to burn tyres to get rid of them and looking up how they can be re-used. As well as using them in children's play areas, some people use them to make sandals. If you are into your designer stuff, would you only have Pirelli ones?

My new dress arrived this morning, via DHL. I only emailed them on Saturday afternoon with the alternative delivery address so I was pleased with them. I tried it on when I got home. I think it is possibly a bit too long and will need taking up. I tried it on with new black boots as they have got a platform sole and high heel. If I can find some shoes or sandals like this, it might not need any adjustment, as long as I can walk in them too. When I tried to take the boots off, I found that they were firmly stuck to my bare legs. I struggled for a while and then had to give in and ask Dan to help me remove them. He wasn't impressed being woken up by his silly mummy. They took some shifting! We nearly stuck me in the freezer. We didn't have a ruler so we used a kitchen spatula thing to try to free them. With a little bit of wriggling and tugging, I was free. It was just as well that Dan was home or I would have had to wear them to the training meeting but I don't think I could have driven in them.

I went to another Partylite meeting this evening, this time it was our Unit meeting in Sittingbourne. Two new girls came along. I hope we didn't scare them off.

Sunday 4th July - Partylite Training

Having set the alarm for 6.45am, I guess I was so worried about being up late that I was awake at 5 past 5. I did manage to get back to sleep, sort of! I got up at quarter to 7, and was in the car and on my way by 8pm. I got to Sam's on time, and arrived before Karen. Sam and I joined Karen and we set off for Middlesex. The journey was mostly uneventful and we arrived about 5 past 9. The meeting wasn't due to start until 11 so we had plenty of time to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun. We were disappointed to find out that there was no tea/coffee provided before the meeting.

We made our way to the Music room where the meeting was being held and we started on time. It was very good, informative and entertaining. The morning flew past and it was soon time for dinner. This was a buffet served outside under the gazebos. Dessert was lovely but a strange mixture of sickly chocolate cake and fruit. I had a slice of melon. We had to rush back to the afternoon session, where tea/coffee was being served as we went back to our seats. In the raffle draw, I got a pumpkin melt warmer, and I was lucky enough to buy a “Partridge in Pear Tree” for just £3. We had another fun afternoon training and we were soon finished and able to get on our way home. We had a good run back and I got home about 5. Dave was still out. I got some food out of the freezer defrosting, got changed and then it was time to go bowling.

I was trying to curve bowl and it didn't work out too well. I was below my average on all 3 games but I did show a bit of improvement.

Sunday 3rd July 2010

As I have a meeting in Middlesex tomorrow, Batty and I did our pre-bowl today in case I don't get back in time. I can't get to bowling on Monday as I will be at Unit Training Meeting. We had a good time and didn't do too bad. Just have to wait now until Monday to see how well our opponents get on. After bowling, we joined the smelly pond clearers at the pub for a lovely ploughman's lunch at the Kings Head, Shadoxhurst. It was still warm and we sat in the garden again. I had a pint of the Neame's Mild.

At Chris's we watched “Get Smart” and “D.E.B.S”. I hadn't seen Get Smart before. It was funny. We're going to try the spin off film one day. “D.E.B.S” is another of our favourite films that we have seen a few times.

Friday 2nd July 2010 - Appledore Walk

Just before lunch time today we had a power cut. I got my filing done. About 2 pm, we didn't know if it would come back on again and as the offices were getting hotter, we were told that we could go home. Unfortunately, I didn't run fast enough. The power came back on and I stayed until 5. We did get icecreams though. There were only about 20 of us left. I was on my diet again today, much the same as yesterday. A different note appeared on the fridge this afternoon. “Standing on one leg hopping about increases the risk of falling over. Please be careful”. As there were less people in the office, the mystery note leaver might well be found out.

After work we went for a walk in Appledore. We were able to get away before 6pm. The plan originally was just to walk along the canal and back again but the navigator found us a circular route up into Stone in Oxney. By the Royal Military Canal we saw a slow worm, some wood peckers and a very strange fruit tree. The fruit looked like black berries but this was definitely a tree and not a bush. We soon found a place to cross the road and went up the hill into Stone In Oxney. At the top, we found the foot path through the farm, shouted “orses” at the beasts there. The horses came to say hello. We headed up for the church and followed the road and stopped at the “pink” pub, the Crown. We had beer and crisps sitting in their lovely beer garden. It looked like it had all been decorated out recently. Apparently it re-opened in April 2009 after being closed for 3 years. We got an evening menu before we left in case we wanted to go back again. They recommended a phone call to check before turning up mob handed. A short walk on from here, and we found the next pub, The Ferry Inn. We sat in the garden again. Someone came up to say hello to me. We had a chat. It was the voice that I recognised most but it was half an hour later when we had left the pub that I remembered her name. I used to work with her years ago when she was at Planit. I wonder if she remembered my name straight away? Usually I'm really good with names, etc. We followed part of the Saxon Shore Way and soon got back to the car, ignoring the 3rd pub.

We got home soon after 9. The temperature had only dropped to 22 degrees, from 29 when we started our walk. I didn't even need my jacket all evening. It was a lovely walk and we'll probably do it again one day.

Thursday 1st July 2010

Day 2 of the diet. Special K for breakfast. I didn't drink as much water today as I should have done. Mid morning I had a low calorie snack with my tea. For lunch, another bowl of Special K. The banana and apricot one is really good. When I went for a walk at lunch time, I was picking and eating the cherries as I went. There are trees along the whole road down to the lake. During the afternoon, I munched on carrots and had another low calorie snack.

In the morning, the milk ran out while I was making my tea. I decided to tackle changing it on my own. I had to undo the box to find the spout thing. Tracy joined me. We wrestled with it together and then noticed that the box was leaking. I got milk dripped down my dress. When I told the girls later, Glynis put a warning note on it: “Box may leak when removed”. Later in the day, a note appeared on the fridge: “If you pull the handle, the door will open!” We haven't found the funny culprit yet!

This evening, I was invited to Heather and Andy's to meet baby Michael Andrew. He makes his Moses basket look enormous at the moment. We chatted and watched him for a while as he was still asleep and looking like he was dreaming. They pull some of the cutest faces when they are sleeping. When he woke up, I got to have a cuddle. He was also pulling some cute little faces while he was being cuddled too. He has lots of lovely black hair and deep blue eyes. It's so easy to forget that they start out so small. When it was time for his nappy change, I found the feet before they were wrapped back into the baby suit. When I left he was having his milk.

We didn't exactly eat healthy. Mr Brain's faggots (probably not on the Special K recommended meal suggestion list), mash potato (low fat margarine of course), sprouts and peas. It was good though and I'm not hungry... yet! I was planning on staying away from the alcohol but I had a small glass of port. It's Dave's fault!! At least he has eaten all of the smelly Camembert now that has been stinking our fridge out for ages. We watched “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”. I've seen it a few times but Dave hadn't. I then watched “Knowing” that I hadn't seen before. It was exciting. Another Nicholas Cage film to add to my collection one day. I might have to suggest it as one that we could watch at Chris's too.

Wednesday 30th June 2010

Diet Day 1, Special K and a cup of tea. During the morning I had a piece of birthday cake but only half the size that I'd usually have. Can't say no to Jeannine's cakes. For dinner I had the Special K again and munched carrots for the afternoon. I also had a low calorie snack. The guidelines say that
I don't think it's going to work with snacks of marmite, butter and bread, even if the butter is “light”.

At archaeology club tonight, we met in Lenham Square for 7 and then drove up to Wychling church. There was 22 of us tonight so quite a good turn out. Paula, who lives in Wychling, has been doing some digging to try to find the lost village. They found evidence of a dew pond and then further into the undergrowth, with a tree in the middle, they've been excavating another area and trying to make sense of what they think could be a dwelling. Then we went for a walk around the wood. I found a flint that feels like it was worked. It fits my hand very well.

This evening I found “While You Were Sleeping” film was on Sky 2. I'd forgotten how annoying it is watching a film with adverts but I suppose that time for drink breaks. I haven't seen it for ages and I had forgotten how good it was. I'm surprised it's not in my collection.

Monday 28th June 2010

It seemed that I couldn't get away from football talk today. When I flicked between the two breakfast shows it was football reviews and when I went into the kitchen at work to make a cuppa, more football talk, and even Dave's blog....but possibly for different reasons. I guess it will soon be forgotten.

We didn't do very well at bowling this evening. We lost 8-0. It was close though but we seemed to be playing to the same pace as the other team. If we had got our last game score in one of the first games, we might have got some points. We are now in 4th place. Only 2 points behind 3rd though and we are playing against that team next week.

I've ordered my dress for the conference gala dinner now from Ebay. I got it from the same place as last year and I've emailed them my measurements. Hopefully they will make the necessary adjustments before mailing it so that I don't have to, especially the length. Last year's dress was perfect. I'm a bit concerned that the measurements on this one said 12 L... I wonder if that means “long” and they are unable to shorten it. We'll see.

Sunday 27th June 2010 - Out and About

I had breakfast in the garden again as it was so hot already. During the morning we set off for Marden to go to the Air Ambulance Open Day, stopping on the way at a pond shop to get stock up on more fish food. There was something wrong with the pricing in the shop. On a big sign it said buy two, get one free. So at £6.70 a bag we picked up 3 bags. When we got to the till the assistant tried to charge us £15 for 2 bags and then £6.70 for an extra one. We had to point out the big sign that had the offer that we wanted. Then she rung them through the till at £15 instead of £6.70 x 2, so we got an even better bargain.

At the Air Ambulance Centre, Dave bought me a jigsaw puzzle and a leather book mark. We saw the real Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It is a beautiful classic car. There were other lovely old cars there too but nothing compares to this. When we got back to the car, the thermometer said it was 34 degrees.

On the way to Teston, we stopped at a lovely pub in West Farleigh, The Tickled Trout. It was very welcoming and the food was good. The Tiger beer was served in Tiger glasses, even my half pint. I had a lovely ham and cheese ploughman's. We went on to the dog show at Teston. We had a lovely ice cream and a wander around the stalls. I think we had missed the main attractions. The field looked quite strange with gazebos and little doggy tents in the main part of the field and nothing much around the edges.

We then went to another Aquatics shop. There was also a farm shop here. They had lots of lovely fish. The Koi, Sturgeon, etc outside, marine and tropical inside. As I wanted to go back via the A20 rather than the M20, we found ourselves near to Hobbycraft which is somewhere that I've wanted to go in for a while. So we stopped here. They even have the Bob Ross stuff that Dave can't get in Ashford any more and they also had stuffed animal kits which are difficult to find too. And a good jigsaw selection.

Back home again, I had another hour to soak up more sun in the garden before getting ready for bowling. It was so hot though that I moved my blanket into the shade and had a snooze.

When I got back from bowling, I sat in the garden until 10 pm reading my book. As it was getting darker I had to use the torch on my mobile to get the chapter finished.

Saturday 26th June 2010 - Solar Scope and Emily's party

I did a bit of housework and then got out into the garden as soon as I could. I started with breakfast and book by the pond. After breakfast, I dragged the picnic blanket out of the car with my hat, and settled down with iced coffee. I have had a Mythology book for years and decided I would read it from the beginning rather than just use it for reference. I have bravely, or stupidly, offered to do a talk at the astronomy club. I am interested in the mythology behind the stars names so I thought I'd read the book, make notes and then do selective research for a talk. Hopefully I will be able to put something together.

In the afternoon, Dave set up the solar scope. It was good. I soon worked out how to use it. I like the “twizzly” bits. If we ever get a proper telescope, I think I would enjoy it more if it had “twizzly” bits. I think I looked through it more than Dave did. I took some photos. They haven't come out very well. I got one on my phone, and edited and uploaded it on my phone. I have now checked it on line and it is very pink. I probably wouldn't have posted it if I had seen it on the PC first. The sun is not pink but is a beautiful orange. You can also see solar flares of the edges.

We went to Chippy and Sammy's for the evening as it is Emily's 18 month birthday. As well as all of the lovely nibbly bits, Chippy had made a lovely beef stew. There was also profiteroles and apple pie. I took a bottle of wine along and had the last glass at home when we watched Dr Who. I liked Dr Who but I don't think Dave was impressed. That's the last Dr Who until Christmas. I'm still shocked that I've finished a bottle of “real” wine. Lambrini, that I was drinking at Teston, doesn't count.

An observation from Kat... if Dan has been home then the music channel is on when the TV is switched on. If Dave was the last one watching TV then Cartoon Network is on!

Friday 25th June 2010 - Astronomy Club

After dinner this evening, we went to astronomy club. I got a lift there, the boys were so busy singing Christmas songs in competition with each other that they didn't hear their Sat Nav saying to turn left. Ooops. A quick turn around and we were soon there. Tonight was Steve's talk on Jupiter, after Drew's news of the month. Steve's talk was good. We learnt that even this gas giant has rings, and hopefully they will find out more on the Juno mission next year. After the break, as it was still too light outside to see any stars, Drew showed us what we might have been able to see had it not been dark using the club's favourite software, Stellarium; and what we might be able to see if we took the ground away! The joys of Stellarium. We looked at the summer triangle consisting of Vega, Deneb and Altair, amongst other things. One of the youngest members set up his new telescope in the car park before we left and we were able to see Venus.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

The excitement at work today was at lunch time when it was noticed that there was a car parked into the back of another one. We were trying to work out why, if you crashed into a car, would you leave it there in place. Then the owner of the “innocent” car came out with a colleague and they pushed the other car back to the parking space it had rolled from! Oops! Some silly person had left the hand brake off. The stray car didn't want to stay back in it's place. The owner came out to apply the brake. We couldn't work out from our nosy office whether much damage was done.

This evening for dinner, I cooked toad in the hole. I didn't have any packets of batter mix left. What is the point of “packet batter mix” and just what is in it? All the real batter recipe requires is flour, egg and milk/water. If I remember rightly all you need for the other is the packet, an egg and water. The one I usually buy is only about 9p so I'm not sure what is cheapest either. I might still buy some more, just for convenience and in case I run out of plain flour!

I managed to clear my clothes out of Dave's wardrobe today... finally. He should be able to shut his wardrobe doors. I've now got more hanging on the outside of my wardrobe than ever before. I've also made use of a bit of space in another wardrobe that should soon have less and less in it. If I buy clothes at the moment, I'll buy a size 10 skirt so how come I can't get into size 10 skirts that I bought years ago. I think as the people of the world are getting bigger, the clothes manufacturers move the sizes up.

Monday 21st June 2010

I missed yesterday's blog, and so I had to think what did I do. I don't think I did a lot. I think Dave's blog covers most of it, apart from bowling in the evening. At bowling today we won 8-0 but that was probably because we were playing against the Ace Team and Helen wasn't there as she isn't well. Jim was playing quite well on his own but it's hard work playing with an absent player. We keep our 3rd place for another week and managed to close the gap by 2 points.... I dare say, it won't last!!

I'm watching Raising Helen. I didn't realise before but the young girl is in Heroes, the little boy is in The Cat and The Hat and the Pastor is in the film I watched on Saturday, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Off to bed now, I'll have to record this to watch the end another time.

Saturday 19th June 2010 - Fancy Dress & Camping shopping

The original plan for today was to do some archery at the Batfarm. We have been keeping a check on the weather forecast all week and it was forecasting strong winds and showers so we decided to have a shopping day instead. Not a normal shopping day though. We started out at Kengate to sort out our costumes for a Tudor themed birthday party that we have been invited to in August. As neither of us are “normal” size we didn't want to leave it until too close to the date as we might have found that they weren't able to help us. The first dress that I tried on was beautiful but, as was pointed out to me by one of the girls there, it did look very big on me. I was also having trouble getting the skirt bit to stay tied up. We found a couple of smaller dresses to try. One was too tight and although I got it zipped up, I felt that if I was trying to move about in it all day it would have ripped. I also tried on a gold one but Dave thought another red one looked better. This red one had a matching “Anne Boleyn” style head dress but Dave thought that one looked silly. So we have opted for a ring headdress, a red and gold dress and a hooped petticoat. Now I just have to remember not to dye my hair a colour that clashes with the dress.

After dumping our cardboard recycling and broken gazebo at the tip, we then set off to the farm as we were going with the Bat. We set off to Johns Cross Camping Centre. We bought a few things here. They don't have as many tents set up here. I would guess that they stock more and most of them you would look at their website for. It is worth a visit though. On the way from here we found the Oak and Ivy pub. It was very nice but we had to wait a while for our food and I complained that my chips tasted like they had been sitting for while. The fish was lovely though. I think they were struggling as they had a wedding party they were trying to look after that wasn't due to arrive for another couple of hours. We would like to go back again one day to give them another chance. Dave and Batty's food was OK.

We found our way to Camping International afterwards in Gillingham. We had another look around the trailer tents again.... we can dream! When we got to the tents we found that all of the tents were being offered at 10%. We are glad that we waited a week now. In the camping shops today we bought: a table; a cooker; a 2 seat bench; a BIG kettle; some BIG tent pegs; a big sleeping bag, pillow and fishing stool for himself; and a tent. Our tent even has a carpet. I talked Batty out of buying the huge fishing bed yet as he would also have to upgrade his tent at the same time.

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th June 2010

Thursday: I left work later than I wanted to today. I was very busy as Sarah was off sick again and I had lots of orders to sort out. I was so late getting them sorted that I had to go to City Link offices to make sure that they went. In the end, we got down to Folkestone soon after 7. Maria had been out to get the Chinese which was really good, as always. For dessert, we had cheesecakes. Once dinner was finished we went into the jacuzzi. It was very relaxing. Maria has been learning Makaton so she started to teach us some. We now know the alphabet and how to ask for a drink, as long as it's tea, coffee, wine or beer, we'll be OK.

Friday: I missed out on covering a candle party tonight. Karen texted me but she didn't receive my reply. I was rather disappointed. I phoned her at lunch time to get the details and she had already passed it on to someone else. Damn technology! I will have to call her straight away next time. I went shopping Sainsburys after work for a change. I bought us some chicken for dinner and 24 tins of lager for £10. The football season has very few advantages but the cheap lager is one of them. I wonder how long they will last me. Later Dave and I watched “American Pie: The Book of Love”. It's not as good as the earlier American Pie films. I didn't save it on to disk to watch again. I guess it will be on Sky again sometime if anyone would like to see it.