Thursday 3rd March 2011

This evening Batty and I went to Jose and Maria's for chinese. It was a lovely evening, as always. I love chinese but I can't eat the quantity that everyone else seems to manage. I was ok this time but generally I end up hungry before I go to bed. I took along a couple of cheesecakes and Maria had cooked an apple dessert too so we had lots of pud. Enrique was cute asking for his mash potato out of the freezer as he said he hadn't had dinner despite having had MacDonalds! He didn't get his mash anyway. He was playing “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” on the laptop. It kept him out of mischief for hours. Jose and Batty fixed (hopefully) Batty's laptop and watched TV while Maria and I put the world to rights and exchanged information. No, it wasn't gossip!!

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

As I can't get to bowling next Monday, we rescheduled our game for this evening. It was fun. We managed a 6-2 win. This is the last game of this season. We needed to win. Shame it wasn't 8-0 but we can both be blamed for not getting there. It was very close. We lost the game that I got the lowest score in. I think I got a 198 on one of the games. I didn't get any games over 200 on this season. The standard of bowling has gone up considerably with our 3 new teams. It will be interesting to see how next season plays out. Whatever happens on this final game, we will finish in the top 3. Jose and Sara are due to play the team that is in 1st place on Sunday. No pressure but we need them to draw or win so that we can be 1st. The team that is currently in 3rd place can't catch up with us as they are 4 behind us.