8th November 2009

I’ve not long been back from collecting Kat from our friend’s house. It seems so far away but as about 90% of it is on the motorway, as long as it all keeps moving, it’s not too bad. I had a good run yesterday morning and this evening. Even the M25 was OK. Don’t let on to Kat though that it was OK or I guess I’ll be asked more often.

I had a lovely surprise today. I got up at about 9.30 expecting to have a day of housework and garden centres, only to find that I’d been invited to my niece’s roller party. I’m glad I wasn’t phoned at 7 am though when Aimee wanted to call me. It was a bit of a rush getting ready and I nearly decided that I wouldn’t be able to make it. Leaving it to the last minute as usual, dragging out my new roller blades that I hadn’t been out on yet, I dropped Dave off at the hospital to collect his car and made my way down to Hastings. I decided to use the sat nav as I wasn’t sure of exactly where this place was, except that it was off Bohemia Road somewhere. I followed the sat nav’s instructions and was surprised that it considered the A259 down to the old town and along the sea front to the White Rock Theatre as the fastest route but it would seem it was right. I was there in not time at all. As I arrived my Dad had only just parked up too. Once booted up, I joined the rest of the skaters on the floor only to witness my Dad falling straight over backwards and banging his head on the floor. There was blood too, Dave, so it must have hurt!! That put pay to his roller skating for the afternoon. Not too much damage done, not a deep cut but it’s going to go some lovely colours during the week and have a headache for a few days too. He had to sit with holding an ice pack on his head for ages.

After the party, I stopped off for a cuppa at Dad’s house and ended up staying longer than intended, as usual! I’d like to get to see the family more. The other distraction there now is their new kitten. He is gorgeous. He looks like a Manx cat without a tail. It is thought that he lost it after he was born. He has a really pretty face and is very cuddly. He was purring for ages, very contended. In answer to a question discussed today, how do cats purr, I’ve done a bit of research and this is the best info that I’ve found:

The purrsuit of happiness. Why (and how) cats purr.
Basically, an emotionally-charged cat gets a reflex from its central nervous system that signals the muscles in its voice box, (the laryngeal muscles) to tighten to the point that they vibrate with air coming in and out of the lungs. Which is why a cat purrs continuously, whether breathing in or out. No-one seems certain whether purring is a voluntary or involuntary sound.

More here - http://www.knowyourcat.info/info/purr.htm

Late entry for 18th August 2009

And here we are again, mid-week and heading for another weekend. I’m still suffering with aches from last weekend’s exercise. It was another busy one. As usual, I went to work for a rest.

On Friday, as Dave was working I cooked dinner for myself. Chance to have one of my favourites… king prawns, green beans and tagliatelle. Dave doesn’t like prawns very often. Then we set off to Warehorne picking Dave up on the way. We rushed down there thinking that Elspeth would have started already but as it wasn’t very busy, she didn’t start until gone 9. We had a great time singing some old time favourites and show songs. I think the show songs were more popular as these were easier to join in with. It might have been more useful if our song sheets matched Elspeth’s versions but we joined in where we could and had a good time anyway.
On Saturday, we were out at our usual start time of 11 o’clock, or soon afterwards by the time I’ve got out the door. Today our destination was the Six Bells at Woodchurch. It took about an hour to get there. I ordered omelette and chips, which I may have had last time I was there too. Everyone enjoyed their dinners and a couple of drinks later we set back on our way home via Shadoxhurst for a quick drink in The Kings Head. This seems to be a favourite stopping place just recently. It is a pub that we can easily reach in an evening as it is only 20 minutes by bike and mostly flat if we don’t go via Singleton.

In the evening the original plan was to go to Chris’s as normal but as it was such a lovely evening, Jose invited us to his house for a jacuzzi party. A quick stop via Tescos for snacks and drinks, and something to suitable to wear in the tub for some. We had a lovely evening, taking turns in the tub as it was decided that there is too much water displacement for 4 adults. Later we watched the film “Push” and then another dunk in the tub while those that wanted to watched “A Town Called Eureka”.

On Sunday, after getting our picnic from the local shop (they do great sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, etc for just £1), we went to Folkestone with Chippy, Sammy and Emily, parking up at the bottom of the hill at the Warren with the intention of walking up to Capel. After an hour or so walking we had our picnic in a very peaceful place near the old railway tracks. It was decided that “up” was probably not a good idea with Emily in the back carrier and with it being such a hot day so we walked back a different route which was not as scenic being away from the sea a bit. The little track was surprisingly busy with cars in and out. The campsite down there didn’t look as big as I thought it would be but very cosy and quite secluded. I guess it was these people that were making use of the beach. It was quiet there for an August sunny day.

Late posting for 26th July 2009

Another long weekend over. I had the day off on Friday and I had intended to do so much in the morning but as it was raining I decided to stay in. It was wet most of the day. In the afternoon, we went to visit a friend. It seemed lovely when we got out of the car at the car park so we decided not to take coats and umbrellas, etc. Not long after it started raining again. It was torrential sometimes with thunder and lightning. We did some shopping while we were in town. It’s surprising how quickly the bill adds up even if it is just from Primark! All of our shopping was in their lovely brown paper bags but we had bought another bag which luckily was big enough to hold all of the other shopping. Then on to Jane Norman where they had a 70% off sale.
On Saturday, we cycled out to Ruckinge. It was a good route with only one major up on the way there. I don’t like Church Hill but I did it this time without getting off and pushing. I might have done it last time too if a car hadn’t come along just as I had to go round a parked car. I think I’ve only pushed up hills two or three times so far. Once was in Hastingleigh and even walking I was wheezing and puffing. That was “very” up. The other time my chain had come off so I had to phone Dave and ask him to wait to help me get it back on.

Once in Ruckinge we soon discovered that the Blue Anchor was not doing food today as they had a wedding party to cater for later. So after a quick drink and some crisps we went on a short ride up the road to the White Horse. I had a lovely ham baguette with my half of mild. Then from there to the Good Intent for “half of dessert”. Another good ride out that we will have to do again one day.

When we got back, I noticed that the freezer had been left open so I decided to defrost it. It’s surprising how much ice generates inside. I removed two bucket fulls of ice which I arranged around the water features in the garden so that it melted into the reservoir. I’m sure it’s definitely not a recommended way to defrost the freezer and I didn’t do it completely. There is still ice at the top wedging in the big ice packs. This time I used a sharp knife and a metal slotted spoon. You have to be extremely careful with the sharp knife of course, taking care not to damage the lining of the freezer as well as your fingers. It is so satisfying when big chunks come away even if they do shoot down your top! Starting with the top 2 shelves empty and working down. Banging and scraping out the ice with the spoon. Moving the food up as you work down. It’s still cooler in there than anywhere else.

In the evening, we went to Chris’s. We watched “Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans” which was good. Although it was an 18 it didn’t upset me too much. Or maybe I’ve hardened to blood since I’ve had to deal with a deep flesh wound as a first aid emergency. (Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. Just remembered that I still haven’t cleaned all of the blood off the car door). The second film was “Taken” which was good too. It would have been better if it had subtitles when they weren’t speaking English. May have made it a bit easier to follow.

Today we didn’t have anything planned. I spent the morning printing out letters for candle party promotions. (Tonight I found that a lot of them had printed crooked so I had to re do them L) After lunch I suggested a walk around the Singleton Environment Centre. I’d seen it advertised and wondered what was here. Not a lot generally it would seem but they do have “events” on. The most exciting thing was spotting the signs for the woods and trying to work out the maps. For all that the names of the woods boast, we didn’t see a single squirrel, lizard, fox, robin, etc. There was more wildlife to be found down at the woods we went on to near Shadoxhurst. I’m hoping that the pictures of butterflies that I took will come out ok. They look ok on the phone.
On the way home, we went to Tesco for parsnips, tweezers and several other bits and pieces. Why would you pay nearly £6 for tweezers when the smart price ones are 47p when they are in stock. I bought a little set that had tweezers, an emery board and some nail scissors for about 99p.

Once home it was roast lamb for dinner. The lamb had been in the freezer for a while taking up lots of space. I had put it on to cook before we went out for our walk. It was lovely.
Then on to bowling. It was one of those nights that I wished I hadn’t bothered. At least it wasn’t a league game. On the last game, I got so many splits that I decided to aim to get splits. When trying to get them, I didn’t and my score went up a bit.

Time for sleep. No time to check my photos out now. I’ll have to have a look later.

Events at the Singleton Environment Centre - http://www2.btcv.org.uk/display/kent_singleton_events

20th June 2009

This could be my first entry on Blogspot, when I’ve set it up. I decided while I was out that I should blog more. If only to remember where we’ve been and what we did. It’s amazing what you think to put in a blog while you’re not near a computer! Cycling along and enjoying the scenery. We’ve just got back from a cycle ride out to The Tickled Trout in Wye. We left soon after 11, and it took 45 minutes for some, 50 minutes for us “stragglers”. It was mostly cycle path and some of the Route 18 which is advertised as Tunbridge Wells to Ashford route, but seems to direct on through Wye and on to Canterbury. It is very difficult to find information about the cycle network available on line but Martin got us some leaflets last week on the cycle paths around Ashford. My new top and jacket that I bought on Ebay for cycling were very good today. The jacket was £7 and the top was £4 and postage was combined at £2.50, so a brilliant deal. I did feel I needed the jacket and didn’t feel too warm, the boys were telling me that I didn’t need it. I got earache on the way there even though I had my band on under my hat to try and keep the wind out. It was quite overcast and we felt a few drops of rain on the way home. I might see about getting some cycling shorts sometime. Maybe something with a bit of padding in addition to my gel seat. Have to do a search later. I will need to get my brakes looked at soon. I am wearing them out quicker than anyone else. I don’t feel safe just rolling down the hill. I keep getting told “no brakes, no brakes” as we find the hills. Dan just took my bike for a quick tour round the garden. It gets his approval. My bike’s not been treated like a BMX before! He was going little hops on it to turn round. Now that’s just showing off! J
Going back to the food at the Tickled Trout. I had the jacket potato and chilli beef. Not sure why as I think this was the place where we had jacket potatoes before and they were cold. I can’t say that I’d rate the food very highly here but it’s local to get to and the beer isn’t bad. If you get to sit in the garden too it is very scenic with the River Stour flowing through.
We’re off to The Star in Ashford soon mainly to see Brian play with his new band. The Star are having a Charity Day for Great Ormond Street Hospital involving a mammoth music session from midday through until 1 in the morning. About 14 bands are billed to be playing. So I guess I’d better off here and get ready to go.

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