Monday 21st June 2010

I missed yesterday's blog, and so I had to think what did I do. I don't think I did a lot. I think Dave's blog covers most of it, apart from bowling in the evening. At bowling today we won 8-0 but that was probably because we were playing against the Ace Team and Helen wasn't there as she isn't well. Jim was playing quite well on his own but it's hard work playing with an absent player. We keep our 3rd place for another week and managed to close the gap by 2 points.... I dare say, it won't last!!

I'm watching Raising Helen. I didn't realise before but the young girl is in Heroes, the little boy is in The Cat and The Hat and the Pastor is in the film I watched on Saturday, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Off to bed now, I'll have to record this to watch the end another time.

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