Tuesday 1st March 2011

This evening, being the first of the month, we met elsewhere. We watched a Next Generation episode, Disaster. It's the one when Picard gets to take 4 kids on a tour of the ship as a prize for winning, and they get stuck in a lift together while everyone else on the ship in different areas thinks that they are the only ones alive. Deanna Troi gets to be captain and Worf delivers Keiko's baby. I still can't take Worf seriously. He might well be saying “prepare for battle” or something equally heroic but I hear “I am Weasel”.

Monday 28th February 2011

Another busy end of month. I did nearly 50 invoices. I have been asked why I leave them all to the last day as there are our regular monthly ones that just need to be duplicated with a few details amended. If only I had time to do them earlier!! I seem to be permanently busy. I used to have a relatively quiet last day of the month as it wasn't necessary to send anything out as if it wasn't delivered in the same month it didn't count in that month's sales. Now the Sales guys carry spare software packs to leave with the customers. I think at 4 pm this afternoon, one of the guys was off on a 4 hour journey just to make sure it was delivered today.

I said “bye, see ya later” to Buffy this morning. It is sad that she isn't here now even though she was noisy and a big distraction.

At bowling this evening, we were surprised that we won 6-2. We were playing the team that we were joint 2nd with. If I had been playing better, we could have won the middle game too. Batty wasn't bowling well on the 3rd game but I got 198 and we won by 8 pins.

Saturday 26th February 2011 – Tower of London

Another soggy day. After a full English breakfast at the Kiln, we met up with Matt at Ashford Station, we set off to London for the boy's birthday trip. It was my first trip on the fast train. We headed straight for the Tower. With our train tickets we were able to get two of us in for the price of one. This makes it so much more affordable. Having been round the towers, we then queued to get in to see the Crown Jewels. We were herded like sheep through the ropes and through the tower to look at the jewels and royal memorabilia. A few hours later, having seen all we needed to see, we contacted Terry who had found us a pub, a nearby Wetherspoons. We settled in here for a few hours with dinner and a pint. It was good to catch up with Terry. We got on the bus to Covent Garden, one of Matt's favourite haunts. We said our farewells to Terry. The boys had ice cream from the shop that sells breast milk ice cream though I doubt that's what they had. It definitely wouldn't appeal to me! We then went on a hike around the side streets, following Dave while he tried to remember where a certain pub was. We abandoned the search eventually and made our way back to St Pancras station.
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Wednesday 23rd February 2011 – Wingham Wildlife Park

We slept in until gone 9.30. I was so tired. As I knew I didn't have to get up early, I was up until 2am catching up on stuff on the Sky+. Checking out the window, rain. Not good for our plans. We could either stay in and sulk about it or carry on as if it were dry. After all, we're not going to dissolve. So we set off for Wingham Wildlife Park. Getting through Canterbury was relatively painless. We followed the instructions on Dave's sat nav and found it relatively easily, although the sat nav tried to direct us off a side road but the main entrance was off the main road. After parking, we had to cross that road to get to the Park. After getting our tickets, the first stop was the tropical house. There were lots of birds flying around in here. There were no butterflies to see as it was too cold. The hornbills were very noisy and were hopping about on their branches. We also saw lots of bats through the windows of a very dark room. They were quite a lot bigger than the ones that we see out in the country. The highlight of the place for me were the penguins. We were able to be there for feeding time and the keeper gave us a talk too about the penguins. We were able to buy a tub of wiggly things to feed the meerkats too which was lovely. I think originally this was a bird park only as this still seems to be the main feature. Despite getting wet, it was a good day. Can't wait to go back soon.
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