Friday 25th June 2010 - Astronomy Club

After dinner this evening, we went to astronomy club. I got a lift there, the boys were so busy singing Christmas songs in competition with each other that they didn't hear their Sat Nav saying to turn left. Ooops. A quick turn around and we were soon there. Tonight was Steve's talk on Jupiter, after Drew's news of the month. Steve's talk was good. We learnt that even this gas giant has rings, and hopefully they will find out more on the Juno mission next year. After the break, as it was still too light outside to see any stars, Drew showed us what we might have been able to see had it not been dark using the club's favourite software, Stellarium; and what we might be able to see if we took the ground away! The joys of Stellarium. We looked at the summer triangle consisting of Vega, Deneb and Altair, amongst other things. One of the youngest members set up his new telescope in the car park before we left and we were able to see Venus.

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