Wednesday 16th March 2011

I could have gone to an Ann Summers Party this evening but as I still don't seem to go 10 minutes without coughing, I thought it best to stay at home. Maybe next time. When I got home from work, I started cooking dinner and realised that putting my new saucepans in the top cupboard was not a sensible idea as they were very heavy to lift out. So time to clean out the cupboard and re-arrange. At the back of one of the cupboards I found an old sweet/biscuit tin that had 4 saucepan lids in. Two of these were for the two saucepans that I have replaced this week and the other two were for saucepans that were thrown out years ago! They have now been added to the stuff for the tip that I'm accumulating. I've used 2 of my 3 new saucepans this week already. They were half price from Sainsburys in their Homeware sale. We had a look at Matalan at the weekend but we didn't see anything this good.

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