Tuesday 8th March 2011 - Pancake Day

At lunch time today, I went to Tesco as I needed something quick to cook for dinner for 4 of us and some ingredients to make pancakes. I didn't have any plain flour. I also bought some 10p packs of batter mix for use in future use. I got fresh pizzas for dinner as frozen ones would have defrosted before I got home. Kat said it wasn't right to have pizza and pancakes! We all had a couple of pancakes each on rotation.

Our Tuesday night viewing this evening was another episode of Heroes. It seems we've been watching it for ever.

Later this evening, I watched another Time Team episode. It was a really early one from 1994, the 3rd episode of the first series. Tony has hair! They were in Much Wenlock. I had to rewind when I noticed they mentioned “The Shit Brook”. I thought I was imagining it. Apparently a brook ran down the road and was called “shit” brook because it was effectively the town's open sewer!

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