Monday 14th March 2011 - Bowling Fun Night

Another league over, we finished in 2nd place. This evening was our Fun Night. We did have fun but not through the help of the bowling alley. In previous years, we have had a reduced bowling rate, buffet food provided and free game/drink vouchers for “spot” prizes for strikes when a coloured pin is at the front. No such luck this time. I had contacted Toni earlier in the day and she asked for us but the management wouldn't do anything for us. We played 9 pin no-tap, where 9's also count as strikes. Previously we have played a game where we take the best score over the 3 games and add these up. The aim is to a strike in each line. With the better bowlers now in our league, I thought we could see a few people getting 300 games. So we decided to take the total of the 3 scores and add in the handicap on each game, this made it more fair on the less skilled players. If we had played the other way, I later worked out that I would have won as I got an amazing score of 297. The winners for the evening were Frances for the girls and I came second. Stuart for the boys with Jim (Snr) in second place.

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