Saturday 5th March 2011

Dave had gone to work already by the time I woke up. I found another Time Team episode that I hadn't seen to watch with breakfast. Picked Dan up about 10. Having got him safe home, he got settled on the sofa and we watched a couple of Michael McIntyre's shows while I cleared the table up and got some Partylite bits sorted out. Dan insisted on hobbling up the shop to get some french bread for lunch. I got the hoovering done while he was out. Dave came home in time for lunch and we had sausage baguettes.

Dan soon fell asleep after lunch. Dave and I went to Folkestone. If I had realised there would be walking involved then I would not have worn my boots. My feet ached by the time we go to the Guildhall. The beer was OK but I definitely prefer a dark brew. It was surprisingly busy. From here we went up to Chambers. No dark beers on here either. We went back via Tesco Express so that I could get something quick to cook for dinner when we got home. Meatballs and spaghetti are always a quick option.

At Chris's tonight we watched Galaxy Quest and Lost in Space. Both great films that we hadn't seen for a while.

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