Thursday 10th March – Chilston Ice House Talk

I got out of work promptly. I still had to go down to the City Link offices as I didn't have today's despatches ready until 10 minutes after our tame collection driver, Dean, had arrived. I was able to get home and we set off to Chippy's straight away. Dinner was ready almost as soon as we arrived. It was lovely. Meatballs and pasta, and grated cheese with a very cool mini cheese grater. Our destination this evening was a hall in Charing Heath, for 7 o'clock start. The only bit we were interested in was the Chilston Ice House Talk, as we helped with the clearing last year. Dave slept through most of it. Lesley talked about the work being done by Lenham Archaeology group in the area. She had a white box in tow. We wondered what a “1A pot” was when we saw it. Was it her collection labelling system? It turned out that it said “IA pot” for Iron Age!! Ah, that makes more sense. We escaped before they started their AGM and adjourned to the Red Lion pub. They had Early Bird on so it had to be done.

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