Sunday 6th March 2011 - Walk in Hythe

I couldn't believe this morning that I woke up about 11.30. It's just as well I woke when I did as I was having one of my weird dreams again. This time the only thing I remember is being a police woman and being about to arrest my mum as she had lots of bombs and arms that she was taking to be disposed off! Very strange! Wonder if that was the effect of the Tizer or the Whittards tea?

It was soon one o'clock and time to set off to Hythe. Based on the last walk that we went on, we wanted to get there early so that we could park easily. Dave had a few minutes snooze in the car before we went for a little stroll on our own, then had a look in the shop of the light railway. We were the first ones to arrive and Mark introduced himself. He then rounded up others that were loitering by the railway shop. Only 16 people today, including Heather, Andy and Mikey, (and two dogs) today. We set off towards Palmarsh. Mark pointed out various birds and points of interest. I have trouble remembering things but I do now know that if a bird makes a noise that sounds like “teacher teacher teacher”, this is a Great Tit. We also saw robins, a chaffinch and lots of the usual gulls and pigeons, etc. At Palmarsh, 2 miles later, we crossed the bridge, checking that it was the expected 20 metres across. This was to be the planned width of all of it, and 3 metres deep. Just across the bridge, there is a small sound mirror. There was also one up on the hill that we could see and one that had fallen away.

Tonight I watched the recently recorded Hawaii Five-O. I'm quite enjoying the series. Tonight's episode introduced a new character. Masi Oka, Hiro from Heroes, is playing Dr Max Bergman in a few episodes. I've also watched Bones: The Doctor in the Photo. The night watchman, Micah Leggat, was Mathesar in Galaxy Quest, which we only watched last night. I thought he looked familiar, maybe from Star Trek, but couldn't quite place him. Love IMDB! Great for sorting out my questions. His name is Enrico Calantoni.

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