Friday 11th March 2011 - Hospital with Dan

I was able to leave early today to take Dan to his hospital appointment. I'd made sure that we weren't busy and what was left was covered. The appointment was for 2.30. We arrived in plenty of time and were soon moved from the main waiting room over to another to see the fracture specialist, Mr Abed. He showed us Dan's x-rays on the computer screen. It doesn't look good. He pointed out the broken bits and the arthritis on Dan's big toe. Dan wasn't happy about that either! He sent us off to have the cast removed and then for more x-rays. There is a grey area showing that the consultant is not sure about what is going on there. With the plaster off, we went back to the main waiting room to wait for Dan's turn for x-rays. This was all before 3 pm. We were soon called round for x-rays. I feel sorry for the people laying in beds in corridors waiting, I assume, for x-rays. No privacy. We then had to go back and find the helpful, friendly girl who was assisting the consultants. Mr Abed is still not liking the look of the damage that has been done to Dan's foot and has passed him over to the foot specialist, Mr Southgate. Dan has to go for an MRI scan on 21st and then to see Mr Southgate on 29th. He will decide if an operation is necessary, and how to proceed. We then went back to the plaster room. Dan wanted to have plaster on at first as he was unsure what a “boot” was and how much protection and flexibility it would have. The guy in the plaster room was very cool and funny. He got a new boot out that apparently the footballers also have when they get injured. The boot is really clever. It goes on over a sock and then the sides, front and back are pumped up to support the foot. It is recommended that this is kept on more than off, and slept in too. A serious bit of kit with it's own little pump. We had to pay attention to his instruction. We got out to the car about 4 pm.

Everyone else went out to play poker at Chippy's, even Dan. I watched “St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. I thought I had seen this one before but now I'm not sure that I had.

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