Saturday 12th March 2011

I woke up at normal time this morning and decided that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I read my book for a while. I got up about 9. After shower and breakfast, I got on with some cleaning. I didn't intend to clean the oven. I was only going to clean the outside. I opened the door to clean the top of it and before I could stop myself I was spraying Mr Muscle inside it. I cleaned out another cupboard too. By the time I'd washed all of the parts of the shelf rack a few hours had passed and the oven was ready to clean. I hadn't really thought that it needed doing but it definitely did. The water that I was rinsing the cloth out in was soon treacle coloured. I should try to completely clean the inside of at least one cupboard every weekend. It's hard when I'm out so much.

After Dave had finished the lawn, and we had some lunch, we went shopping. To Lidl's first for a few bits and pieces, then on to Dobbie's Garden Centre. It was still busy over there. They have parking attendants to help keep it running more smoothly.

At Chris's tonight we watched “Doomsday” and “Due Date”. I have no wish to watch either film again, maybe Due Date when it reaches TV. “Doomsday” was much too violent for me and I spent quite a bit of time “watching” from behind the pillow and trying not to listen to the sound. It was good to see Alexander Siddig (Bashir) again though.

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