Tuesday 20th July 2010 - BBQ for Chris's birthday

At lunch time, I was going to go to Tesco to get food for the BBQ this evening. When I heard that Christine and Glynis were going, I tagged along with them. A quick whizz round the shop for burgers, sausages, etc and back to the car as quick as possible.

I had hoped to leave near to 5o'clock but I broke franking machine again. It doesn't like me. We often fall out. I think I'm too rough with it when it's get jammed.

Once home, the boys had already set light to the coals. Much too early in my opinion as we were using the special bags that are supposed to be ready in 20 minutes, but I was told not to interfere. On with preparing skewers of meat and tomatotes, and chopping onions. There were 9 to feed plus Matt. I asked him to bring along his own food which he was quite happy to do! We had sausages and beefburgers, pork skewers and meatball skewers. The meatball skewers did work in the end but some of them didn't survive cooking. Followed by chocolate swiss roll and strawberries. A good evening had by all, especially Chris who's birthday celebration it was. Today's picture is Dave having a snooze in his new chair after eating loads. Well, it's not like he did any cooking!

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