Monday 9th August 2010 - Packing up and Bowling Presentation

Breakfast today was a lovely omelette. I just can't get them right at home but Batty knows how it's done. Packing before and after breakfast, we got done about 10.30 which was quite good going. I guess we got home about 11.30. Tony and I got unpacked before Dave and Martin got home from unloading most of the camping gear at the farm. Once I'd dropped Tony off, I decided to take my car for a clean while it was empty. My car being cleaned on the inside is a diary entry in itself, and it only cost £10 for a shiny clean and a thorough hoover out. They have also reduced the cost of the clean only to £3.50. As if it wasn't cheap enough before at £4.

Back home again, and on with the unpacking. We were originally planning to go shopping up to Camping International and a few other places but as Dave is off tomorrow and I didn't really need to go, we decided not to go today. I spent the afternoon sorting out the money, etc for our bowling presentation evening. Luckily I had done the certificates already but I decided to mark up the envelopes for the money with the breakdown of the prize money. It took longer than expected and I had to rush to get ready.

The evening was good, the food and company were too. Jose started the presentation and I did the awarding of the certificates and money.

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