Friday 13th August 2010

This morning, I had not long since been up when I heard the fortnightly clinking of the blue box boys coming to collect. As usual, mine was still out the back garden. Having accumulated quite a few bottles from my birthday party, I thought I should rush out and drag a box full out the front. I nearly missed them. As I went out they had already started driving away. The driver saw me and reversed back a bit so that I could hand my box to the guy in the back doing the sorting. He asked me if they had woken me up. When I got back in, I realised why he said that. I checked the mirror. Not only had I run out in my pink pj's, my hair was even more of a mess than normal. Like I care!! At least, I got rid of some bottles. I guess they'll get used to me eventually!

On the way home from work today, I heard an advert on the radio. "Starburst, made to make your mouth water". Not quite the same as "Opal Fruits". It sounded so much better.

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