Thursday 5th August 2010 – Off to Teston

I managed to get packed and round for Tony about 11 o'clock. We stopped at the Tesco Express near Maidstone Hospital to get lunch for everyone and anything else we may have forgotten. We were soon at Teston unpacked and ready to enjoy the afternoon. Over the afternoon, more friends and family arrived. The main excitement was when Dick's kite got stuck in the tree. It took 4 of us to shift it but with a bit of team work eventually it was free with no damage to the kite. As I was disappearing for most of the weekend, it was my turn to cook. Dinner was soon sorted and we enjoyed the evening celebrating birthdays again. When it was getting dark some of us went for a walk. We watched a couple of fishermen down at the lock. One of them caught quite a big fish. We also saw some glow worms.

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