Sunday 1st August - Oh my poor head!

We got up feeling fragile and were creeping around the house and garden thinking that Matt was still asleep in Kat's room. It was some time later that Matt phoned us from Hastings to thank us for a lovely time and to Dan for running him back home. We continued with the clearing. There were bottles everywhere. It seemed to take all morning to clear up but I was supposed to be elsewhere. Needless to say I was late! I took my candles and stuff to the Singleton Environment Centre for their Craft Day. As usual I spent more than I'd sold which was nothing again, and no firm leads. It was extremely quiet. I spent a lot of time chatting to Emma. I was also interested in possibly starting up Phoenix cards but the starting fee made me think twice. That's the joy of Partylite with it being free to be a consultant. I do love the Phoenix cards though and I stocked up those that I needed more urgently.

In the evening, instead of going bowling, Dave and I watched the Avatar film. I like it but I think a lot of the special effects really lend themselves to the 3D market and if could be removed for the standard viewing.

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