2nd August 2010 - Happy birthday to me!

I was woken with a cup of tea in bed which probably only happens once a year. I opened my cards and pressies before Dave went off to work. Dave bought me a lovely penguin kite which is as big as our duvet. I love penguins. It was a bit tricky to wrestle it back into the bag, especially when being half asleep still. Off to work, business as usual. I didn't take cakes in today, firstly as I didn't really have time to go and get them and secondly I knew that a colleague had also had a birthday over the weekend and would be taking cakes in today. He remembered and wished me happy birthday but he was one of the very few that did. Even my closest friends forgot!

At bowling this evening, Jim and Frances bought me a birthday drink making it special with a little cocktail umbrella. I think they also arranged the balloon too.

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