Saturday 2nd October 2010 – Moving boxes

I was in bed before midnight last night which is highly unusual for me. I must be ill!! My throat feels very sore. Guess it was too much to ask for me to avoid all of the bugs going around at work. I spent the morning on my computer and getting a couple of loads of washing done. I've now got a few bits listed on Ebay. Still lots more to go.

When Dave came home from work, we had some lunch and went round to help Chippy moving to his new flat. We got most of the boxes and some of the furniture into the van and 4 cars. Sophie was wandering around wondering what was going on. I led the convoy to the new place. We didn't realise when we'd agreed to help that we had so many stairs to navigate. Even if it was 20 floors, we would still have been there. I suppose then there would have to be a lift. After about 5 trips we were all puffing. We soon had the cars emptied and the second van load of furniture done, with a minor accident with Kat getting a bump on the head from an errant table. We unpacked stuff to the kitchen with a cheer every time we emptied a box. Once we had finished there, Dave and I went to Farmfoods as we didn't have any eggs. Expensive eggs! Some £28 later.

After unpacking the shopping and getting in the wet washing off the line, I picked up a soggy Chippy to take back to his house. When I got back I cooked our mushroom omelettes. They worked much better this time. I think the trick is to get the oil very hot and fry the extras in the pan first and then pour on the eggs. It didn't end up like scrambled egg like it usually does.

At Chris's this evening, we watched The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger played the Joker in this Batman film. It was one of his final films. Such a great loss to the film world. He was such a talented actor. Christian Bale was the sexy Batman in this film. Then we watched the Tuxedo. One of my favourite Jackie Chan films.

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