Friday 29th October 2011

Another busy end of month but less stressful than recent times. We have done a record number of sales this month. We haven't seen sales like this since before the recession. From Monday, it is the start of our new financial year and we are changing the company name again. I was helping out a customer the other day and he was concerned that we change our company name so often. He says he has never dealt with another company like it. It doesn't breed confidence in us. At least our branding is staying the same...... for now!

I had been looking forward to meeting up with my friend, Katrina after work for dinner. Unfortunately she was unwell and had to cancel. So I worked on until too late again and had a rush to grab something to eat and get round to Christine's for the card party. Christine had invited us too early but we had a drink and a chat while the lady set up and she was ready to start at 8. I know I have a lot of stuff when I do my candle parties but she seemed to have more! She gave a brief talk and gave us the catalogues. We made our selections and could look through the cards she had on the stands too. I've ordered another 10 for my card box and some Christmas cards. I love Phoenix cards. Some felt that the lady was a bit pushy. I hope I don't come over like that when I do my parties. What I also felt was wrong was that she had her shoes on. I always check with the hostess if they are a “shoes off” house, and Christine's definitely is. The orders that Christine got came to £275 and 10% of this will be donated to the Pilgrim's Hospice. There was also a raffle and a cake sale. Not sure how much that raised too. I might have to try a fund raising party.

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