Wednesday 16th March 2011

I could have gone to an Ann Summers Party this evening but as I still don't seem to go 10 minutes without coughing, I thought it best to stay at home. Maybe next time. When I got home from work, I started cooking dinner and realised that putting my new saucepans in the top cupboard was not a sensible idea as they were very heavy to lift out. So time to clean out the cupboard and re-arrange. At the back of one of the cupboards I found an old sweet/biscuit tin that had 4 saucepan lids in. Two of these were for the two saucepans that I have replaced this week and the other two were for saucepans that were thrown out years ago! They have now been added to the stuff for the tip that I'm accumulating. I've used 2 of my 3 new saucepans this week already. They were half price from Sainsburys in their Homeware sale. We had a look at Matalan at the weekend but we didn't see anything this good.

Monday 14th March 2011 - Bowling Fun Night

Another league over, we finished in 2nd place. This evening was our Fun Night. We did have fun but not through the help of the bowling alley. In previous years, we have had a reduced bowling rate, buffet food provided and free game/drink vouchers for “spot” prizes for strikes when a coloured pin is at the front. No such luck this time. I had contacted Toni earlier in the day and she asked for us but the management wouldn't do anything for us. We played 9 pin no-tap, where 9's also count as strikes. Previously we have played a game where we take the best score over the 3 games and add these up. The aim is to a strike in each line. With the better bowlers now in our league, I thought we could see a few people getting 300 games. So we decided to take the total of the 3 scores and add in the handicap on each game, this made it more fair on the less skilled players. If we had played the other way, I later worked out that I would have won as I got an amazing score of 297. The winners for the evening were Frances for the girls and I came second. Stuart for the boys with Jim (Snr) in second place.

Saturday 12th March 2011

I woke up at normal time this morning and decided that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I read my book for a while. I got up about 9. After shower and breakfast, I got on with some cleaning. I didn't intend to clean the oven. I was only going to clean the outside. I opened the door to clean the top of it and before I could stop myself I was spraying Mr Muscle inside it. I cleaned out another cupboard too. By the time I'd washed all of the parts of the shelf rack a few hours had passed and the oven was ready to clean. I hadn't really thought that it needed doing but it definitely did. The water that I was rinsing the cloth out in was soon treacle coloured. I should try to completely clean the inside of at least one cupboard every weekend. It's hard when I'm out so much.

After Dave had finished the lawn, and we had some lunch, we went shopping. To Lidl's first for a few bits and pieces, then on to Dobbie's Garden Centre. It was still busy over there. They have parking attendants to help keep it running more smoothly.

At Chris's tonight we watched “Doomsday” and “Due Date”. I have no wish to watch either film again, maybe Due Date when it reaches TV. “Doomsday” was much too violent for me and I spent quite a bit of time “watching” from behind the pillow and trying not to listen to the sound. It was good to see Alexander Siddig (Bashir) again though.

Friday 11th March 2011 - Hospital with Dan

I was able to leave early today to take Dan to his hospital appointment. I'd made sure that we weren't busy and what was left was covered. The appointment was for 2.30. We arrived in plenty of time and were soon moved from the main waiting room over to another to see the fracture specialist, Mr Abed. He showed us Dan's x-rays on the computer screen. It doesn't look good. He pointed out the broken bits and the arthritis on Dan's big toe. Dan wasn't happy about that either! He sent us off to have the cast removed and then for more x-rays. There is a grey area showing that the consultant is not sure about what is going on there. With the plaster off, we went back to the main waiting room to wait for Dan's turn for x-rays. This was all before 3 pm. We were soon called round for x-rays. I feel sorry for the people laying in beds in corridors waiting, I assume, for x-rays. No privacy. We then had to go back and find the helpful, friendly girl who was assisting the consultants. Mr Abed is still not liking the look of the damage that has been done to Dan's foot and has passed him over to the foot specialist, Mr Southgate. Dan has to go for an MRI scan on 21st and then to see Mr Southgate on 29th. He will decide if an operation is necessary, and how to proceed. We then went back to the plaster room. Dan wanted to have plaster on at first as he was unsure what a “boot” was and how much protection and flexibility it would have. The guy in the plaster room was very cool and funny. He got a new boot out that apparently the footballers also have when they get injured. The boot is really clever. It goes on over a sock and then the sides, front and back are pumped up to support the foot. It is recommended that this is kept on more than off, and slept in too. A serious bit of kit with it's own little pump. We had to pay attention to his instruction. We got out to the car about 4 pm.

Everyone else went out to play poker at Chippy's, even Dan. I watched “St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. I thought I had seen this one before but now I'm not sure that I had.

Thursday 10th March – Chilston Ice House Talk

I got out of work promptly. I still had to go down to the City Link offices as I didn't have today's despatches ready until 10 minutes after our tame collection driver, Dean, had arrived. I was able to get home and we set off to Chippy's straight away. Dinner was ready almost as soon as we arrived. It was lovely. Meatballs and pasta, and grated cheese with a very cool mini cheese grater. Our destination this evening was a hall in Charing Heath, for 7 o'clock start. The only bit we were interested in was the Chilston Ice House Talk, as we helped with the clearing last year. Dave slept through most of it. Lesley talked about the work being done by Lenham Archaeology group in the area. She had a white box in tow. We wondered what a “1A pot” was when we saw it. Was it her collection labelling system? It turned out that it said “IA pot” for Iron Age!! Ah, that makes more sense. We escaped before they started their AGM and adjourned to the Red Lion pub. They had Early Bird on so it had to be done.

Tuesday 8th March 2011 - Pancake Day

At lunch time today, I went to Tesco as I needed something quick to cook for dinner for 4 of us and some ingredients to make pancakes. I didn't have any plain flour. I also bought some 10p packs of batter mix for use in future use. I got fresh pizzas for dinner as frozen ones would have defrosted before I got home. Kat said it wasn't right to have pizza and pancakes! We all had a couple of pancakes each on rotation.

Our Tuesday night viewing this evening was another episode of Heroes. It seems we've been watching it for ever.

Later this evening, I watched another Time Team episode. It was a really early one from 1994, the 3rd episode of the first series. Tony has hair! They were in Much Wenlock. I had to rewind when I noticed they mentioned “The Shit Brook”. I thought I was imagining it. Apparently a brook ran down the road and was called “shit” brook because it was effectively the town's open sewer!

Monday 7th March 2011

At lunch time I had another wander around Dobbie's. I will still be going to Pets At Home for the guinea pigs' stuff as they only have aquarium stuff. I didn't see any but I have heard that they have chickens there too. They do have a lovely card section. I was able to get a sympathy card for Christine as she had the call that she has been dreading for months. Her best friend died today. She has been in the hospice for a while now and been slowly getting worse. It's always sad when it happens but such a relief when someone has been suffering for so long.

I got a letter today from the Parking Services Department of Ashford Borough Council regarding the Penalty Charge Notice. I was impressed that they have replied within 2 weeks and more importantly that they have cancelled it. The photos taken of my car do not show the differences in the new yellow lines and the very faded ones. I didn't need to send them the photo that I took. The letter ends with, basically, don't do it again as I won't be so lucky to have it cancelled. Still hate traffic wardens!

This evening I called Julie to ask if Mum and Dad were OK as I haven't been able to get hold of them for a few days. It's OK, they are safe. I found out who the 3rd broken person is. It's Stephen, my nephew, he broke bones in his hand last Thursday and has been to East Grinstead today to get it pinned together. Sounds painful. I think I can now stop worrying about who the 3rd person was but I now also know two people who have broken their toes. As long as there's not a 3rd person out there with a foot injury?

At our Partylite Unit Training meeting, we waited ages for a new consultant to arrive and then she claimed she had broken down. Everyone was dubious as to whether she had even bothered to set out. So we started the meeting late with just the 5 of us. From now, the plan is not to have Unit Training meetings but to have special meetings by invitation tailored to consultant's needs. Sounds good. It will also mean that I won't miss as many bowling evenings as originally planned.